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It has been alleged that

"the voices of Joyce and Conrad plead, with the authority of true intelligence, ... [that] the faith of the Middle-Earthers is perpetual childhood; their currency is emotion on the cheap; their epiphany was Princess Diana's funeral. Middle-Earth is the Kingdom of Kitsch."

These kinds of charges have been levelled against the readers of Tolkien since LoTR was first published. But is this true? How would "classic" authors of the likes of Joyce and Conrad have related to Middle-earth? If they chose to write Tolkien-based fanfic, how would it read?

Your challenge is to pick a well-known "classic" author and write a piece of fan fic in his style. Your piece need not mimic exact quotes from the original author, but the overall style should be recognisable.

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Arandil - Forest of Mirkwood, The
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Last Updated: 12 Jan 06
How would one describe Mirkwood? It all depends on your point of view. Written (a little too late) for the HASA "Tale By Any Other Name" Challenge. The author's style that I ripped off should be fairly apparent. Honorable Mention: "The J.R.R. Tolkien Award for Honorable Mention (Crossover)" MEFA 2005

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Created: May 16, 2004

Challenge Topic: Fandom/Fanon

Entries: 1

Originator: Tanaqui

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