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Sauron Returns... Again...

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It's Modern-day Middle Earth (ie modern earth) - Sauron has gradually recovered from the loss of the Ring (it's taken him over six thousand years to get over its destruction). Now there are signs that things are altering in this world. What would they be? How would we know that Sauron had come back? "Few there are who remember it"... and fewer still who believe. This one could be taken from the point of view of a believer, and a non-believer. Or both. So, what's *your* take on this?

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Victoria - Unblinded
General Audience
Last Updated: 03 Dec 03
Something has gone horribly wrong, and all the work of the Valar has been undone; Middle-Earth is utterly destroyed. And in the modern day Sauron rises again ... A Modern-Day Middle-Earth fic featuring Elves from all Ages.

Chapters 14-15 now up.


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A. L. Milton
Adoption Date: 31 Jan 03
Adoption Date: 08 May 06

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Created: October 15, 2002

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Originator: Meg Thornton

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