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Why was Legolas chosen (book-verse) for the Fellowship by Elrond? Because he was the only Elf at the Council who was wearing pants (movie-verse). It makes perfect sense! One can't go traipsing into Mordor, fighting Orcs and Uruk-Hai and all that with a robe dragging on the floor. No, Legolas is the only truly logical and practical choice as the Elf representative in the Fellowship as he is the only Elf wearing pants. (One could make a case for Ellandan and Elrohir having pants, as they are all into Orc-revenge. But if Elrond had chosen them, it would be the Fellowship of Ten, not of Nine. And we can't have that, now can we? And you can't send just one, as they're a matched set. So, Legolas is really the only choice.)

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Eloqin - Poor Figwit
General Audience
Last Updated: 16 Jul 06
Figwit laments not wearing pants to the Council of Elrond and rants about Legolas.


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Adoption Date: 15 Jul 06
Adoption Date: 09 Apr 03

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Created: September 06, 2002

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