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Quickies Qtr 4, 2003

Challenge Details

  • The story should be at least one type-written page long, but not more than 3 type-written pages. Definition of page - 1" margin all the way around, Times 12 pt. font., standard size paper.
  • There should be one viewpoint or one character as the main focus
  • It should be one continuous scene
Quickies for Quarter 4:
  • An Elf's thoughts when the star of Earendil first appears in the night sky.
  • The refugees of Gondolin trade possessions to the Dwarves
  • Why the Dunlendings were right to fight.
  • "Teaching his grandmother to suck... "Eggses!""--write this sorry, possibly funny, episode in Smeagol's life.
  • A scene from one of those two oh so happy weeks at Elrond's on the way to Erebor
  • Forming the conspiracy to watch Frodo.
  • Faramir's first day in charge of his company in Ithilien, How do Mablung, Damrod, and/or Anborn view their new commander?
  • Aerial reconnaissance: become one of the crebain. Did you notice that pony hanging out in Hollin? Or anything else unusual?
  • What did Gandalf "see" lying on the mountaintop after casting down the Balrog?
  • Hama's last stand
  • A child evacuated from Minas Tirith.
  • Gimli sees Fangorn Forest
  • Legolas figuring out where he wishes to live in South Ithilien
  • The slaying of Moria's watcher
  • Butterbur meets Elessar (and Arwen, too, if you like)
  • A shipbuilder teaching an apprentice in Dol Amroth

Entries with Stories

The following authors have entered a story in the Challenge.

Arquen - Olórin I Was, Olórin I Am
General Audience
Last Updated: 16 Dec 03
Gandalf's journey after death. Written for the Quickies Qtr. 4 Challenge.
Ehtele - My Captain
General Audience
Last Updated: 26 Nov 03
Faramir overhears a conversation on his first day in Ithilin. For Fourth Quarter Quickies.
Eledhwen - Butterbur and the King
General Audience
Last Updated: 26 Dec 03
Entry for the Quickies 2003, quarter 4 challenge: Barliman Butterbur welcomes some rather special guests to the Prancing Pony.
gilwen - Singing of the Trees, The
General Audience
Last Updated: 30 Dec 03
Gimli sees Fangorn Forest. Written for the Quickies, Qtr. 4 Challenge.
Marta - Sucking Eggses
General Audience
Last Updated: 14 Jun 04
Whilst trying to figure out one of Bilbo's riddles, Gollum remembers a Yule celebration long ago and his attempts to teach his grandmother a new year's custom he learned from a human friend. Semi-finalist at the 2004 Mithril Awards for Best The Hobbit.
Thundera Tiger - Seas of Fate
General Audience
Last Updated: 28 Jan 05
Written for the Quickies Qtr 4, 2003, challenge. This was supposed to be a scene between a shipwright and his apprentice. It turned out a little differently than I'd planned, but not all the words of a shipwright are going to be strictly about the ship. Features Imrahil and Legolas. Mithril Awards 2004 - Runner-up - Best Story Focusing on Elves Mithril Awards 2004 - Finalist - Best Vignette or Short Story
Zimraphel - Jewel Above Rubies, A
General Audience
Last Updated: 28 Jul 04
While passing through Doriath, the refugees of Gondolin are forced to trade their treasures for much-needed supplies, yet not all are willing to give up the last reminders of their home.

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Open Date: September 30, 2003

Closed: December 31, 2003

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Entries: 8

Originator: Anglachel

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