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Adultery in the Shire.

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I got it in my head to write a story where Merry has to entertain his wife's guests for a day, and ends up dealing with a hobbitess who would try and steal him away. Merry (who is very quiet and slavishly devoted to Estella) is repulsed, but since he does not want to be an improper host, he does not send this hobbitess away, and is in a precarious position. The story has never been finished, because I can't set the idea of adultery in the hobbit culture. Does it even exist there? If so, what forms does it take, and what are the consequences? Someone can complete my story (it exists in partial form at can provide the link if necessary) or use the idea of adultery in tthe Shire as a springboard for another tale.

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Created: August 15, 2003

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