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Here's my idea, elves get tourtured by being tickled silly! The people doing the touture *tickling* should either be men or dwarves.

"The reason elves are immortal," said Gimli. "Is in their heart of hearts they never grow up!"

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J.Ca¢he - Not Fair!
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Last Updated: 08 Jul 07
Very short. Humor. Wherein is learnt that a Certain Elf (::cough:: Legolas) is very ticklish.

Inspired by and found among the 'silly elf torture fic' challenge. I know, I know, that was challenged waaay back in '03, but I figure if it's still on the Challenges list ... I just may manage not to get murdered. Who knows?

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Created: August 15, 2003

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Entries: 1

Originator: Nessa Ar-Feiniel

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