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In an effort to broaden our horizons, list members were asked to challenge themselves and tackle a race (or races) they normally would not write. A shortlist was compiled of characters afficionados of hobbits, Elves, Men, horses, Dwarves, Orcs, Ents, and Valar/Maiar would like to see get some attention, and writers were given two weeks to come up with an entry of 1,000 words or fewer based on the choices provided by the list.

You will find a number of unique Dwarves in this Challenge, as well as underwritten hobbits, orcs, Sauron, and others.

This challenge ran for a fortnight.

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HA Writers Group - Crossing Over with the HA List: An Onlist Challenge
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Last Updated: 19 Aug 03
Writers on the HA list were challenged to write stories about races they normally shun like the plague, in an effort to broaden horizons. Working off a shortlist and with a 1,000 word limit, authors posted their stories over a period of two weeks.

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Open Date: August 10, 2003

Closed: September 01, 2003

Challenge Topic: Storytelling/Writing

Entries: 1

Originator: Lyllyn

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