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Meaning: piercing glance

Other Names: Lómion (Quenya), 'Child of Twilight'

Location(s): Nan Elmoth, Gondolin

Race/Species: Elf

Dates: I, 320 - I, 510

Parents: Father: Eöl; Mother: Aredhel

Siblings: none

Spouse: none

Children: none

"Maeglin had, even more than his father, very bright eyes, and was both physically very keen-sighted and mentally very penetrant, and quick to interpret the looks and gestures of people, and perceive their thoughts and purposes." (The War of the Jewels, HoMe 11, Part Three, Maeglin)
"As Maeglin grew to full stature he resembled in face and form rather his kindred of the Noldor, but in mood and mind he was the son of his father. His words were few save in matters that touched him near, and then his voice had a power to move those that heard him and to overthrow those that withstood him. He was tall and black-haired; his eyes were dark, yet bright and keen as the eyes of the Noldor; and his skin was white."
Maeglin fell in love with his cousin Idril, a love considered incestuous by the Noldor (at least according to the 1977 Silmarillion). Idril, the only one who never trusted him, did not return this love, which seemed crooked to her. "As the years passed..., his love turned to darkness in his heart. And he sought the more to have his will in other matters, shirking no toil or burden, if he might thereby have power.' In the end, Maeglin betrayed Gondolin to the Enemy.
(The Silmarillion, QS, Ch. 16 - Of Maeglin)

Finch, 01.10.03

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