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Mablung - 3rd Age

Location(s): Ithilien

Race/Species: Man

Type/Kind: Dunadan of Gondor

Title(s): Ranger of Ithilien

Dates: end of III

"...they were goodly men, pale-skinned, dark of hair, with grey eyes and faces sad and proud....
After a while he spoke to them; but they were slow and cautious in
answering. They named themselves Mablung and Damrod, soldiers of Gondor, and they were Rangers of Ithilien; for they were descended from folk who lived in Ithilien at one time, before it was overrun."
Book 4, Ch 4, Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit, TTT, LotR

Under the command of Faramir,
he watched with Sam and Frodo as the Rangers ambushed the Haradrim and their Mûmak in Ithilien.

He was also present on the march from Minas Tirith to the Black Gate.

"But the Captains of the West were well warned by their scouts, skilled men from Henneth Annûn led by Mablung; and so the ambush was itself trapped."
Book 5, Ch 10, The Black Gate Opens, FotR, LOTR

Lyllyn 1.17.03

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