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Membership Upgrade!

Release Date: 05 Aug 06
Category: Site Updates

Your membership was upgraded! *** You are now a member of the HASA Writers Workshop.*** Everything you had before. *** And more!

Different Levels of HASA

There have always been different levels of the HASA experience.

You could experience HASA as a casual visitor of the Public Archive. As a member, you could enjoy HASA as a reader, beta-reader, researcher… and as a writer. In the past, these many ways of experiencing HASA sometimes turned into a maze. Especially visitors who became HASA members because they wanted to read more stories often felt intimidated by the strong emphasis on writing.

"But… I don't write! How can *I* be a HASA member?" – That is an anxious question we don't need to answer anymore. HASA has always been open for everyone, no matter if you are a reader, a writer or a researcher. We have added a new level of membership, the Readers Club, tailored to the needs of our readers.

Now the architecture of the site has been redesigned to reflect the different levels of the HASA experience.

Your membership has automatically been upgraded to the highest level!

Imagine the new design of HASA like the city of Minas Tirith and its different levels:

  • at the basis of HASA, the Public Archive – with reviewed stories and published Challenges, and now story comments available for everyone to read
  • on the next level, the Readers Club – access to additional stories (the General Stories section) and to reading tools (post comments, create fav lists, sign up for alerts, recommend stories…)
  • and at the top: the Writers Workshop, our equivalent to the "Tower of Ecthelion" and the Citadel – with all the features you have enjoyed as a HASA member so far, and more!

Writers Workshop

Again: the membership to all HASA members has been upgraded automatically to Writers Workshop. All the features you are used to are there. And more!

So – let's take a look! What's new in the "Citadel of HASA"?

  • the new Readers Club gets you comments from a wider readership
  • story comments available for reading on the public site will increase the general interest in your stories

  • instant "log-in" and "log-out" from every page of HASA makes the site more accessible for you
  • easy viewing: you can now see all stories in the public pages - review, general and beta status (but to access them you have to log in)
  • general author alerts: send general notices to your readership,as well as update notifications about individual stories
  • small, but important interface enhancements all over the site: if you don't notice them, then they are working as planned, making the HASA experience even smoother for you!

We hope you enjoy the new features, updates and improvements!

If you have any comments or questions about these changes, please join the discussion at the "Discuss the weekly announcement!"-forum.

HASA-admin team

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