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Release Date: 16 May 07
Category: Site Updates

Small fixes to pods and email updates.

Two more small errors have been corrected on the site:

1. Consolidate email address. When HASA started, it allowed story review submissions without joining the site, as that also required signing up for a Yahoo list subscription which a number of people did not want to do. When HASA dropped the Yahoo list relationship, it required authors to join directly.

A holdover from that earlier time was having two different places in the database for an email address - part of a membership profile and part of an author profile. This has resulted in members changing their membership profile email but forgetting to change the author email, which has caused lost or bounced emails.

Now there is only one place to change the email address, the membership profile, and updating it there updates both email adresses. I encourage members to log in and check their member email addresses (My Stuff/My Profiles/ Contact & Bio) and do an update to synch up the two addresses.

2. Miscellaneous pod fixes. Several different problems with specific pods have been reported, such as not displaying the right number of records, missing or bad links, and some typos. These have been corrected as a group.

Please be sure to email in any errors or problems you see to Tech Support so I can add them to the "fix-it" list. I will be doing small fixes through the rest of the month.


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