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Last Pod Update of the Week

Release Date: 19 Jan 07
Category: Stories

And here is the final pod of the week - page view counts for your stories.

We're winding down the pod-building activities for the week to let everyone have a weekend for playing with the new toys.

Tonight, HASA proudly offers a narrow sidebar pod that lists your stories' page views, ordered by most viewed to least viewed. This is a faster way to see the overall page view count than digging down into the promo page, which is very slow because it also retrieves all of the chapter page view information.

In fact, that table is getting to be a bit of a problem. HASA chapters cumulatively have been viewed over 3,225,000 times. That's right - over 3 million chapter views on HASA, and we didn't start keeping count until Septmeber of 2003, when the site had been operating for a year. A story chapter is viewed on HASA every 20 seconds on average, so the data is piling up. I'm consulting with a professional DBA on the best way to handle our ever growing stats.

In the meantime, you now have a quick way to check your readership at a story level.

Directions for adding this pod are the same as for the other recent pods. Look for it in the right-hand column drop-down list under the name "My Forum Posts." Be sure to drop by the All About Pods thread in the Site Suggestions Forum and offer up your new pod ideas.

Have a great reading weekend!


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