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What Has It Gots in Its Podses?

Release Date: 18 Jan 07
Category: Site Updates

What new trickses does it gots in podses, hmm, Preciouss?

I know, I know, it's getting to be old hat, but there's another new pod available for the My Stuff home page.

This new pod is only for the main column and only appears to story reviewers. It is a list of stories currently in review, filtered to show you only those you are eligible to review and have not already reviewed. If you have a story checked out, it will show you that one.

If you are an inactive reviewer, the pod gives you a one-click reactivation option, too!

Add this new pod to your line up. Instructions are the same as for adding the Story List Pod. Never miss out on the newest stories in review again!

Also, if you didn't know, there are 16 stories in review right now. If you have a free evening, please consider reviewing one or two stories. You are eligible to be a reviewer if:

  • You have been a HASA member 30 or more days
  • You are currently at "Writer/Editor" status (upgrades are free and you can do it yourself - just go to My Stuff/My Profile and click)
  • You are willing to make a considered and serious evaluation of a piece of fanfiction.

So reviewers, check out the new pod and do a review (or two)!


PS - Do you have a pod suggestion? Send it to Tech Support and/or post it to the new All About Pods thread in the Site Improvement Suggestions forum. Please log in first before clicking on the forum link.

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