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Qtr. 1 2007 Funds Drive Challenge

Release Date: 06 Jan 07
Category: General Announcement

HASA is asking for funds to cover Qtr. 1 hosting fees. Find out about our matching funds system! Update - $30 in donations today!

Update - We have had two donations already today, totalling $30.

Fund drive goal: $150 $120 

2006 was a good year for HASA and 2007 looks even better. We have more members, more stories, and more fun things to do than ever before.

While all of the work needed to keep the site up and running is graciously provided by our volunteers, we do have some irreducible out of pocket expenses for hosting. Donations from our members and readers are necessary to pay that bill. Donations help keep HASA ad and fee free.

HASA's monthly hosting expense is $150. Our hosting bill comes due on the 5th of every month. We just paid the January bill.

In December, members and readers generously gave $45.00 through PayPal and Amazon. HASA's secret admirer, a long time reader, is sending in matching funds of another $45.00. After fees, this leaves HASA with $82.22 towards Qtr. 1 hosting.

We'd like to collect $150 in donations between now and February 5th, when the next hosting bill is due. Our secret admirer will match funds, up to $100. That will cover all costs until April, even with the transaction fees deducted by PayPal and Amazon.

There is no minimum donation amount, and most donations are for $20 or less. Small amounts add up quickly, particularly with our matching funds system.

If you don't have money but do have some time to donate, we're always in need of volunteers. Currently, we are looking for:

  • A research elf to help with cross-indexing our growing Research Library
  • A few news hounds who will hunt down and send in fandom information for our news posts
  • Additional welcome assistants to help our Welcome Manager get new members oriented
  • Challenge boosters to drum up new challenges and keep people working on the existing ones
  • A story maven who will keep an eye peeled for new and updated stories on the site and do a short weekly write up on them

Thanks in advance for your support!


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