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UPDATED - An Early Holiday Gift from HASA for our Authors and Readers

Release Date: 16 Dec 06
Category: General Announcement

This present was too good to keep under wraps!

We have a few presents to roll out for our authors and readers this Yule season. We were going to hand them out during Christmas week, but this one was just too good to hold back until then.

Starting right now, General status stories are available for the general public to read. That is an increase of over 1700 fantastic stories for your reading pleasure! Authors, you can now self-publish. Just set your story to General status and it will be made available to the public on the next story refresh. The lists refresh every half hour.

Why did we do this, after years of Reviewed only? Simple - it is what our readers and our authors asked for. We want our authors' stories to be read and to give them a chance to get more comments and recommendations for their hard work. Additional feedback features are in the works, by the way!

(Don't worry, we still have the Reviews. Our readers and authors have said they want those to stay, too.)

When you go to the main "Stories" page or hit the "Go" button on the search bar, you will see all Reviewed and General status stories. Reviewed stories are marked with a star in the margin so you can find them easily. In the left hand menu, you can also click links for just Reviewed or just General status stories.

There are a few remaining restrictions on stories. Beta status works only show if you are a Writers Workshop level member and you are logged in. This allows authors to polish their work before releasing to the public. HASA does not allow anonymous comments, so you must be a member and logged in to post comments. By requiring logins, we can keep spam out of our comments.

Thank you to all of our dedicated readers and writers. We hope you enjoy the present!


P.S. - A few HASA authors have emailed in saying that they have general status stories they aren't ready to show to the general public or else didn't really intend for the public. Here's how to deactivate them:

  1. Log in. If you haven't logged in for a while, you may have to reactivate. It only takes a second!
  2. Click the "My Stuff" button.
  3. Look at the menu. The best choice is probably "Story List", the third choice under the "Writers Workshop" sub-menu. Click that.
  4. You will now see a table listing all of your stories. It is arranged alphabetically by title.
  5. Click the title of the story you want to deactivate.
  6. When you can see the story overview, click the "Edit Story" link in the Actions section.
  7. Status is the first drop-down menu.
    • Pick "Beta" to keep it available to other authors
    • Pick "Off-list" to hide it from everyone.
    • Pick "Delete Me!" to hide it and add it to the deletion list. Stories are deleted after 45 days to give the author a chance to reconsider her choice.
  8. Click "Edit Story".

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