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RESOLVED - Email Forwarding Problems

Release Date: 01 Dec 06
Category: General Announcement

UPDATE - Issues has been resolved. There is a problem with HASA sending automated emails. It has been reported to the ISP tech support.

UPDATE -  The ISP had reorganized its Domain Name Servers and had neglected to send me the new IP addresses. They did this, the new configuration has been applied, and email is working normally once more.

About 1:30 PM, US West Coast time, a large number of "Undeliverable Mail" messages began showing up in the HASA Tech Support mail box. For some reason, the site cannot send out emails to non HASA addresses. Incoming mail appears to be unaffected.

What is being affected:

  • New member registration passwords are not being sent out
  • Copies of comments and forum posts are not forwarding
  • Emails & URLs sent via forms are not being delivered
  • Forwards on administrative email boxes get bounced back

This appears to be a network/DNS issue at the router level, not something worng with the site itself.

I'm working with the ISP to get the issue resolved. Unfortunately, most auto emails cannot be resent. Content being entered into the database is unaffected, so you can post comments, chapters, forum messages and so forth with confidence. Also, all emails to admin staff through the on-line forms appears to be working correctly.

All new registration passwords will be sent again after the issue has been resolved.

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