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Incredible Generosity

Release Date: 23 Oct 06
Category: General Announcement

Thanks to the breathtaking generosity of readers and members, HASA is 100% funded through the end of 2006.


That's the only word for it. Wow. In the week since we asked for donations, more than $380 in donations have come in from members and the reading public to support the site. We have plenty of cash on hand to pay for the rest of the year. As of the latest donation from a member this afternoon, HASA has just over $420 in the ISP fund.

But it gets better.

HASA has a secret admirer. Someone has stepped forward with an incredibly generous offer.

Starting in January, HASA's secret admirer will match every dollar given by other donors, up to $100 per month. What does that mean? Your donation, up to the first $100 in a given month, gets doubled. If you have $10 to give, it's actually $20. Do you have $25? That's $50 for HASA - one third of the month's hosting fee.

Make a pledge yourself. What about giving a mathom on your birthday? A donation to honor an even, either in real life or in the Ardaverse. Whatever you give, even a few dollars, instantly becomes twice that.

Not everyone has money to give, which is why HASA works hard to keep the site free and accessible. HASA is dedicated to an ad-free, sponsor-free, open membership site. No fees. No writing tests. No limits on your characters, genres, or styles.

Even if you can't spare a dime, you can make a "Comment Pledge" - pledge to read one new story a week, something you haven't read before (or perhaps haven't read in a long time) and write a comment telling other readers why they should read the story. Brighten an author's day and point out good stories to your fellow readers.

With sincere thanks to the great people who visit the site,


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