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Readers Club and Writers Workshop

Release Date: 24 Sep 06
Category: General Announcement

There's more to HASA than meets the eye! Find out about the Readers Club and the Writers Workshop:

If you visit often, you might be interested in joining the Readers Club.

The Readers Club is a new type of HASA membership that provides readers with new tools and extended support.

  • More stories! If you are a member of the Readers Club, you have access to all of the 1,633 stories in HASA's General Stories section - besides the reviewed stories and the published Challenges in the Public Archive. (Note - You must be logged in to see the General status stories.)

  • Post comments! As a member of the Readers Club you can not only read posted comments, but you can post your own comments to the author and for the public to read.

  • Fav lists! If you are a member of the Readers Club, you can create lists of your favorite authors and stories, and store them in a database - your own virtual library available from any computer on the internet.

  • Alerts! Don't miss any update of your favourite author or about the story you are currently reading: as a member of the Readers Club, you can sign up for alerts and notices from authors and about individual stories.

  • Recommend stories! Tell other readers what you enjoyed about a story: members of the Readers Club can recommend stories to other readers.

  • Create your very own HASA experience! As a member of the Readers Club you can customize your "My Stuff"-page at HASA, and create your virtual home in Middle-earth's fan fiction world just the way you want.

Interested not only in reading, but also in writing fanfic? Then you might want to become a member in the HASA Writers Workshop. Members of the Writers Workshop have access to:

  • Even more stories: read the beta status stories and help fellow members with constructive criticism

  • HASA's Resources Section with timelines, biographies, information about the geography and artefacts of Middle-earth

  • Powerful writing tools: post chapters with up to 40,000 words; set the status of your story just the way you need it - private, beta or general; create flexible workshops to collaborate with other writers or your beta-reader; find beta-readers that really suit your writing in HASA's beta-readers' list; send alerts about your updates and your current projects to promote your stories; view page-clicks to see you how many people enjoy your stories at HASA; enter and issue challenges to hone your writing skills, and much more!

  • Playlists - create anthologies of your favourite stories or arrange the sequence of your own stories

  • Forums - discuss your stories and all things Tolkien in HASA's many lively forums

Curious? Here's a link to our membership FAQ: join HASA

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