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September Stories

Release Date: 10 Sep 06
Category: Stories

September reading suggestions for everyone!

Autumn is a great time for reading, and there are great new stories here at HASA for your reading pleasure!

Many people read "The Lord of the Rings" once a year. And many of them seem to start reading the books again in autumn, round about the time when the Hobbits set out from the Shire. So if you are getting ready to follow in the footsteps of the Fellowship once more, here are some story suggestions to help you with the preparations for the journey.

The latest additions to the Public Archive are:

  • "Was it for this?" by Alawa:
    Aragorn at Arathorn's grave. (First posted for the onlist Memorial Day Challenge May 03.)

  • "Free and Gay" by Marta:
    Some soldiers of Gondor celebrate Yule at Cair Andros. (Warning: mild slash themes, though nothing explicit.)

  • "Dear Diary" by Lily:
    Primula kept a diary during the time of her pregnancy and the first months with her newborn child.

Don't forget to let the authors know if you enjoyed their stories! If you are a member of the HASA Readers Club that's really easy: you can simply leave a comment!

Or take a look at the latest published Challenge! The August 2006 Birthday Challenge is something really special: here you can find collections of drabbles and ficlets that our members have written as birthday gifts for fellow HASA-members.

If you are a member of the Readers Club, we can offer you still more stories to read! Because members of the Readers Club can read all stories in the General Stories section of the HASA Writers Workshop!

For example:

  • "A Ranger's Love" by MiniFruitbat:
    A nameless Ranger's love is blind.

  • "Interlude in Lothlórien" by oshun:
    This is a snippet/vignette taken from a chapter of a current WIP that really fits this picture for the Art Challenge. An intimate moment. (Adult is probably an overly cautious rating for this piece, implied adult content only.) Adult!

  • "In Dreams" by Gilnaur:
    An elleth has a series of dreams in which she encounters a mysterious lover. At the same time an elf has the same dreams. The question is who is actually dreaming? Only one? Or both? And what happens when they both actually meet. Adult!

Remember, members of the Readers Club can post comments to stories instantly! Members of the Readers Club have also access to many other nifty reading tools and toys, such as alerts for their favourite stories and authors and much more...


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