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HASA - Back and Better than Ever

Release Date: 24 Dec 09
Category: General Announcement

Welcome to the new HASA!

After months of work, it is time to unveil the new HASA. What have we got here?

  • New layout, ready for the newest generation browsers.
  • New visual design. That blue, green and grey was getting a bit dull.
  • New home page. Everything that is new and shiny right up front.
  • New navigation. Nice and easy to get around.
  • New bookmarks. Available in a drop down list from every page.
  • Updated HTML editor - the latest version of Moxie code with new emoticons and tools.
  • Stories - AddThis for easy sharing, new saved searches, newest comments always available, Reader Toolbox on every story overview and chapter page
  • My Stuff - New pods for the home page, updated profile page,  new author tools for easier story management, new screens to show who has you bookmarked
  • Reviews - Simplified screens, easier story submission, simplified rules, easier Reviewer activation
  • Playlists - way easier to create them, easier to manage them, more ways to dig into them.
  • Forums - Easier to get to, faster performance, easier to manage, more forums open to the public for reading
  • Resources - Link your stories to ANY Research Library entry, add URLs, link in your stories to Articles & Essays, full text search on the library
  • Challenges - All open to the public, reorganized, simplified entries, list of latest entries.
  • Workshop - Cloning and copying individual chapters, streamlined management, interacts more with regular author story lists.
  • About - New event calendar, members can add their own events.
  • And more stuff!

Who will be the first person to discover a new, slightly hidden little treasure on the site? See if you can find it!


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