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Release Date: 27 Aug 06
Category: General Announcement

Welcome to visitors, old and new members - a Tech Support Update - Holidays in Middle-earth today

Are you a visitor of the public site, a member of the readers club or the writers workshop? An old member or a new member? No matter which level of HASA you've come to check out, we'd like to say:

"Welcome at HASA, and we hope you enjoy your stay!"

Public Site

The public level of HASA offers already many great stories: the Public Archive showcases our reviewed stories. Each story in the public archive has been specifically recommended and approved by six or more of our members!

Then there are the published results of the HASA Challenges, a lot of fun for both readers and writers. Curious? Read more here: Challenges...

Readers Club

The Readers Club is a new level to the HASA experience that provides readers with new tools and extended support. Members of the Readers Club enjoy:

  • More stories: the Readers Club provides to all of the 1,669 stories in HASA's General Stories section - besides the reviewed stories and the published Challenges in the Public Archive.
  • Comments: members of the Readers Club can not only read posted comments, but they can post comments of their own - to the author and for the public to read.
  • Fav lists: the Readers Club allows its members to create lists of their favorite authors and stories, thus enabling them to create a virtual library available from any computer on the internet.
  • Alerts: members of the Readers Club never miss an update! They simply sign up for alerts about stories or authors they are interested in - and are notified whenever their favourite author updates a story or publishes a new one.
  • Recommendations: members of the Readers Club can recommend stories they enjoyed to other readers.
  • Customized "My Stuff"-Page: the Readers Club enables its members to create their very own HASA experience with easy-to-use customization tools.

Writers Workshop

Members of the Writers Workshop have access to all stories published at HASA, including stories posted in the Beta Stories section or in open workshops. Powerful tools such as individual writing workshops, playlists, forums and access to the Resources section help the members of the Writers Workshop with their new projects.

The Writers Workshop and its thriving community are one of the liveliest and most creative niches of Tolkien fandom. Here newcomers and long-time fans write, read and discuss Tolkien fan fiction 365 days a year!

Interested in the different levels of the HASA experience? Joining HASA is not a hazard: HASA will never resell or release any information about members or readers! Read more here: Join HASA!

New Features, New Readers, New Members: Welcome!

Since the Readers Club was launched at the beginning of August, many new members have joined HASA, both the Readers Club and the Writers Workshop. And many old members have reactivated their memberships.

We're very proud of the success of the new Site Features, and very grateful to those who make all of this possible: especially our dedicated Tech Support, Anglachel, whose magical coding skills bring HASA to your screen, and the team of enthusiastic Volunteers who keep the site running.

We would also like to thank all of you, readers and members, who have been so patient during this period of adjustment and construction. We hope that you are enjoying your time at HASA, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Site Managers of HASA. They are always happy to help visitors and members!

Simply click on "contact" in the left-hand sidebar or in the upper right-hand corner of each page and fill in the contact form: Contact HASA!

Of course you can also visit our guestbook and leave a message: HASA's Guestbook

Tech Support Update: Site Instability

Since the new code switch over, HASA has been suffering from intermittent instability, where the ColdFusion server refuses to serve up pages.

I have been trying to track down the root of the issue. There are no error messages to be seen, no traces in the log files, no identifiable triggering event. It does appear that some operation may be claiming pieces of memory and not releasing them. Over time, this chokes off memory resources, and the server cannot run.

I am running tests and trying to locate the source of the memory leak. This is a slow process and may take a few more weeks of work. HASA is a hobby, and I can only give a few hours a week to it. I appreciate your patience while I get the problem sorted out.

- Anglachel, Tech Support

Holidays and Anniversaries of Middle-earth TODAY

Accurately converted to our modern-day calendar, we celebrate the holidays and anniversaries of Middle-earth today at HASA. In September you can honour the following occasions with a HASA Challenge or a festive drabble:

September 2nd – death of J.R.R. Tolkien (1973)

September 10th – J.R.R. Tolkien begins writing "The Hobbit"

September 13th – Birthday of Frodo (2968 of the Third Age) and Bilbo (2890 of the
Third Age); Cormarë or Ringday in memory of the Ringbearers

September 20th – The Ringbearers sailed away from the Grey Havens; end of the third age (3021 of the Third Age)

September 21st – Yáviérë (Harvest Feast Day)

September 25th – Attack on Isildur (2 of the Third Age)

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