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Authors, check your chapters

Release Date: 11 Dec 09
Category: General Announcement

A significant number of complaints have come in over the last month about stories without chapters. This is due to inattention by the authors.

I received another complaint today from a reader who could not read two stories by a certain author because the author had neglected to set chapter numbers to something other than zero.

When a new chapter is created, the chapter number (the ordinal) is automatically set to zero. This allows an author to create a chapter, review it for errors and formatting, and then put it into order with other chapters without readers being able to see the chapter. From a logical point of view, there is no way to know ahead of time what the newly added chapter's number should be (authors do not always post chapters in order), so it is left to the author to say this chapter is 1, this one is 4, this one is 32, etc.

What appears to be happening is authors post their chapters and leave without doing the web equivalent of proof reading their work. When you post a new chapter, be sure to go to the Stories section and look at your new chapter. If you can't see it there, neither can anyone else.


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