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Funding Still Short for OCtober

Release Date: 15 Oct 09
Category: General Announcement

Update - $14 already today - Thanks! Looking for a few small donations to cover the October hosting fee.

Update - A member has donated $14 today, and it has been matched for a total of $28. We are now only $25 (a donation of $12.50 + matching) short for the month. Thanks!

HASA is still a few dollars short to cover the October hosting fee. I have to send in the payment by the 21st, next Wednesday.

We're $53 dollars short, so donations totalling $27 will get combined with matching funds to cover the amount. Any donations above $27 will be applied towards the November hosting bill.

If you do not have spare change for hosting, please be sure to donate some time to the site. Review a story, post a comment, join a discussion, share a tale, create a playlist, and help make HASA a great place to visit.


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