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Expanded Challenges

Release Date: 04 Sep 09
Category: Challenges

Check out the expanded Challenges section! ALL Challenges are now available for reading by the public.

Challenges have received a facelift and an expansion.

Previously, the only way for the public to even know what story Challenges were being held for HASA was to look at the list of closed and published Challenges. This was just a small sub-set of all the Challenge activities our members were doing.

Members had to log in, and then navigate way down into an old, barely used section of the Members area to even find the new Challenges, the adorable Nuzgûl and the long-lived Oliphaunts. As a result, Challenge participation has been declining.

As of today, that has all changed. There is now just one Challenges area on HASA, and it is all available for everyone - public and members alike - to read and enjoy. There are no more distinctions between published and unpublished Challenges, all Challenge efforts are available for general reading, and authors can enter challenges more easily than ever, with an instant "Enter this Challenge" button on every Challenge overview page.

On the home page, there is now a list of currently open Challenges right below the Announcements section. The cupboard is a little bare right now because Challenges have been overlooked for a while, but we hope that with more visibility for this section, readers and authors both will help Challenges become a busy, fun place once more.

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