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Release Date: 28 Jan 15
Category: General Announcement

The final site freeze has been set for February 14.

The agreement with Open Doors has been finalised. This means that we are entering the final countdown to the freeze at HASA. In preparation for exporting the archive to Open Doors the story part of HASA will have to be frozen: this means that no new stories can be posted and no changes to existing stories can be made.

The site freeze will take place on Saturday February 14

This means that after that date, no changes can be made to stories.

You will still be able to post to forums after the freeze. They aren't being exported, so there's no need to freeze them, plus we'll need a way to communicate during the site wind down. Please note also that it is uncertain how long the site will remain accessible to read after February 14, so as a reader, if there are stories you want to print to read, try to do so before then.

Authors: what to do before the freeze? Please double check that your stories have a 'General' or 'Reviewed' status if you want them moved. We'll do the rest, but stories need to be publicly available to be transferred. Please keep in mind not everything will be transferred. Things that will NOT be moved to Open Doors:

  • Stories with a 'Beta' status
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Discussions
  • Chapter view click counts

You have to save these yourself if you want to keep them!

Please note: if you do not want your stories moved to AO3/Open Doors, or if they are already there, you can switch your stories' status to something other than 'General' or 'Reviewed', since those are the ones that will be exported. Stories with Beta status will not be exported, so if you set your stories to 'Beta' they will not be included in the move. You must do this BEFORE the site freeze!

Also, if you're already at AO3 as an author, let us know your name there if you haven't already done so: http://henneth-annun.net/forums/messages.cfm?confId=0&forumId=915&messageId=55550

Do also read the announcement at Open Doors for more details of what to do to prepare for the story export/import: http://archiveofourown.org/admin_posts/2303


You can still volunteer for helping to prepare stories for posting at AO3 after the export! Post your name under this announcement at the HASA LJ and the Transition Team will get in touch with you once they're ready to start work. Remember: the more people work on this, the sooner all stories will be transferred!


Authors: thank you all for your support over the years and the reading pleasure you provided to so many with the stories you posted and see you at AO3!

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